Knock Down Rebuild Adelaide

Knock Down Rebuild Adelaide

Investing in your forever home with a knock down rebuild Adelaide could be the most worthwhile investment you ever make, and Claridge Constructions guarantee that the end result aligns with every aspect of your lifestyle.

There’s plenty of valid reasons why people feel a disconnect from their homes, whether it’s related to ongoing maintenance that’s draining the bank, a floorplan that doesn’t suit your family dynamic, or simply outdated design.

While it might seem like moving out is the easiest way to overcome all of these issues, you’re often forced to sacrifice location, accessibility, and the sentiment attached to the current piece of land.

But Claridge Construction wholeheartedly believe that there’s opportunity to revive every home, and that’s where we come in with our knock down rebuild Adelaide. Our experts will craft your vision; creating a functional, practical and aesthetic space that cleverly exploits the natural resources around you.

Your Design Journey

So you’ve finally come to the exciting decision that you’re ready for a knock down rebuild Adelaide, what’s next? With all of the new lifestyle possibilities within arms-reach, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be accounted for.

But we want you to feel relaxed and confident throughout every step, which is why we’ve devised a collaborative design process that involves accurate modelling and plenty of visual resources to inspire you throughout.

What we can also promise throughout this process is transparency, because understanding limitations and working within the scope of your budget are often undermined.

From the initial site analysis right through to stepping foot inside your newly built space, our dedicated experts work with you to overcome hurdles, and create sustainable solutions without compromising your personal home needs.

Start the process with your completely free consultation with our leading Senior Designer today!

Knock down rebuild Adelaide

The Journey

In addition to our incredibly talented high end home builders Adelaide, we take great pride in our process. We make it our mission to maintain a completely open and transparent relationship with our clients. That’s why we have developed our 7-step Journey.

People are often filled with hesitation going into a custom build, simply because they don’t know what to expect. For us, it’s simple – we have laid it all out on the table so there are absolutely no surprises.

Step 1 is all about defining your dream. During your free consultation, we will explore your vision, and work to understand exactly what you want to get out of your new home.

Step 2 is where the design is brought to life by our Senior Designer. Then, council approvals and interior design selections make up Step 3!

The Claridge Constructions Philosophy

Working with Claridge Construction for your knock down rebuild is different from working with the average volume builder, because our entire approach revolves around 3 things: your personality, lifestyle and values.

Your home isn’t just accommodation—it should serve you every single day by providing comfort, light, inspiration and timeless style that feels unique to your household. It must facilitate your family dynamic and make life at home feel simple.

Having developed an esteemed reputation in the field of luxury custom design, we’re confident that we know which questions need to be asked to extract the right information from our valued customers. Once we’ve understood your needs, we merge them with your ideal style to create a concept that ticks absolutely all of the boxes. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional by choosing to work with the award-winning builders at Claridge Constructions.

Whether you want to subdivide, develop or opt for a complete knock down rebuild Adelaide, our talented team will help turn your dream into reality. Start by calling (08) 8449 4490 to lock in your free consultation and explore the possibilities of your project today!

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