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duplex design in Adelaide is a worthy investment if you have the right builder on your side. It can be a fantastic extra source of income as a rental property. Alternatively, you may choose to use it to house relatives or friends!

If you are looking for a construction company that can help you turn your vision into a reality, Claridge Construction is the team for you.

We are an established construction company in Adelaide with expertise in designing beautiful duplex homes. Our experience makes us one of the best builders in duplex designs in Adelaide. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and develop a suitable way to bring your ideas to life.

Why our Duplex Designs are the Best in Adelaide

For more than 27 years, clients come to us with different duplex designs in Adelaide. We are not afraid to take up new challenges thanks to our qualified team of experts. Besides this:

We provide you with trendy designs
We know that you’d like to be a step above the rest. Therefore, we have a catalogue of modern duplex ideas and building knowledge. We’ll also ensure that your duplex reflects your preferences and aesthetic.

Our process is simple and enjoyable
The building process can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Therefore, our primary goal is to ensure that the journey to building a duplex design in Adelaide is easy and transparent.

We work to a schedule
We’ll provide you with a schedule during our initial meetings with you, which our building team will follow. We always look forward to completing the project within the respective time so that you and your family can enjoy your new home.

Claridge Duplex Designs – Experienced Builders in Adelaide

Is it expensive to build a duplex design?
What we can tell you, is that it will depend on the requirements of your duplex design. After listening to you, our team will provide an estimated cost of building a duplex design Adelaide. We will ensure that you provide all the details prior to the start of the project to avoid unexpected costs.

Will you consider my duplex design ideas?
Our greatest strength is listening. We always put your needs first. If you know what your desires are, we’ll be able to provide expert advice on building the best duplex design Adelaide for your needs.

How often can I visit the construction site?
You may visit the site upon request – we just need to ensure that it is made 100% safe at the requested time of your visit.

Talk to us today on 08 8449 4490 if you’d like us to help you build a duplex design, Adelaide. Our customer support team cannot wait to turn your dreams into reality and begin this exciting journey with you.

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