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Are you looking for a reputable builder that’s willing to listen to your ideas? Are you searching for that building company that would help you construct a new home that fits your lifestyle?

Then look no further.

Building a new home can be a complicated process and hurdles can delay the building process if you aren’t working with trusted and reliable new homes Adelaide builders.

Claridge Constructions is an experienced new homes Adelaide builder with more than 27 years of experience in the building and construction industry. Our reputation has seen many homeowners build a home that fits their lifestyle and personality. Whether it’s a townhouse, duplex, custom home, or renovation, we have the required expertise to produce a home you will love for years to come.

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What Makes our New Homes Adelaide Builder Stand Out?

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous clients consult our proficiency because of our attention to detail, quality, and value. We will do everything it takes to ensure that your new home is a worthy investment.


We offer personalised guidance
We are a new homes Adelaide builder passionate about bringing your ideas into reality whilst making the development enjoyable. Therefore, we’ll provide the right guidance to ensure that the process is smooth and fits all your needs.

Our designs are unique
We pride ourselves on providing sustainable designs and building new homes that are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Regardless of how complex the design may seem, our new homes Adelaide builders have the required expertise and understanding to produce your overall vision.

Claridge Constructions in Adelaide – The Most Reliable New Home Builders for You

Which new home is ideal for me?
Everyone deserves a home they can come home to and feel relaxed. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have ideas of the home you would like to create before speaking to our new home Adelaide builders. By doing so, this will make certain that the building process is as smooth as possible.

When should we start building a new home?
This depends on you and our schedule, once we have the budget and the plan finalised, we can begin the building process.

Should I move to a new home?
If your current space doesn’t reflect your needs, building a new home might be the best option for you. Our new homes builders Adelaide are ready and equipped to provide the relevant advice, helping you to take the leap and begin your new home build.

Contact us via 08 8449 4490 if you’d like to work with an experienced new home builder in Adelaide. Our designers and engineers at Claridge Constructions are to create a space you have always envisioned.

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